365 Chakra Affirmations

Daily Chakra Affirmations for a new life!


365 Chakra Affirmations is an easy to use daily program anyone can do. It will take you from feeling stuck with life, to feeling that you can live with confidence and peace.


Finally, you can stop searching for answers...

You can now do your own inner-healing, 

find your inner guru,

and balance your chakras,

in a few minutes a day

even if you know nothing about chakras,

never used affirmations,

are extremely busy 

or are completely new to personal growth.

I am Ready for Change
Fact  #1 :  It is one thing to say affirmations.
It is another thing to get them to work.
To change your life. To get the results you want.


You know how you say affirmations and end up feeling like a complete fraud?

All you think while saying them is “yeah right, I don’t believe this”.

Even your body feels uncomfortable.

You walk away waiting for something to happen and... nada. 

So if you are sick and tired of doing the work but nothing changes,

Your life stays exactly the same as it always has been,

And you are doing all this work for nothing,

Then I have good news for you.


Fact  #2 :  Affirmations do work


When you change your subconscious mind programming 
It will support your affirmation efforts
And change your life


Watch this video for more detail

I am Ready to Start

If you could learn how to use affirmations successfully,

and experience the positive results you are looking for so

you can stop working with no result,

change those beliefs that interferes with your affirmations

and finally live the life you deserve

Would you?

If you answer DAMN YES, let me introduce myself.


Hey, I am Lize

I am a transformation life coach and love helping you find peace, power and confidence so you can start living your own true purpose.

I used to say affirmations and gave up thinking it is another one of those woohoo things people do to pretend they have a way to make their lives better.

Only when I qualified as a transformation coach, began my own in-depth journey into understanding the subconscious mind and chakra system, did I learned to use affirmations correctly. Now I use them every day with great success.

365 Chakra Affirmations will teach you how to use affirmations correctly and address the different areas of your life working through each chakra.

Here is what others say

I cannot believe how much less stressed I already am by doing the affirmations. I look forward to checking my mail every day.

- Izak

The daily affirmations are like a "pick me up" at random times of my day. This is such a wonderful experience.


Here is why it matters

If you want a new life, you can carry on with all the other unsuccessful methods you tried before.

Find a few affirmations on the internet and say them.

Fight against your subconscious mind every day without knowing what you are fighting.


You can learn how to use affirmations and get results.

Find your subconscious mind beliefs that are preventing the affirmations from sticking.

Replace those beliefs with brand new beliefs that supports the life you want to create.

Are you still thinking yeah Lize, why do I need a program?

Fact #1 - You Need Structure


Have you ever tried to start an exercising, meditation or any other new program on your own?

You start scrolling through all the videos on the internet to find what you are looking for.

Each morning, it takes you longer to find the right video than watching the video.

You give up within a week or get little to zero result from your efforts.

Getting an affirmation in your inbox takes the guessing away. 

Every day, you know exactly what affirmation to work with.


Fact #2 - Personal Bias


While scrolling for those videos, which one do you end up choosing?

The hard one that will push you but makes you resent the activity,

Or the easier one you think you will be able to cope with but keeps you in your comfort zone?

It is natural to choose either too hard or too easy.

But both have the same ending. 

You stay exactly the same and don't get results.

When working through one chakra affirmation a day, you will get a mix of easy, hard and pushing your limits.

The easy affirmations will boost your confidence in an instant.

The hard ones show you that you have deeper work to do.


Fact #3 - You Need Tools


What do you do when you get that icky, untrue feeling from the hard affirmations?

Push harder,

Avoid using it again

Or get a tool to help you explore what it means for you and change it into a positive feeling?

With 365 Chakra Affirmations you will get all the tools you need to

Never get stuck again with an affirmation that feels untrue. 

If you are still reading I know you are totally committed to changing your life

You know you want to go deeper and heal all those negative blockages you have

I got your back... 

In the Bonus section you will learn how to use your daily affirmations to discover YOUR subconscious beliefs holding you back

And you will learn how to get rid of these beliefs while replacing them with beliefs that support your life

The Bonus section is where you learn to find your inner guru and do your own inner-healing


For only $197 you invest in a program that will change your life.

🌸 You will get a chakra affirmation in your inbox, every day for 365 days – that is more than 50 affirmations for each chakra.

🌸 Learn how your negative subconscious beliefs are holding you back in life.

🌸 A technique to reprogram your subconscious mind to accept the affirmation.


365 Chakra Affirmations include

🌸 5 easy to watch videos where I teach you to use affirmations that work.

🌸 PDF print helping you make a commitment to yourself and set the right intentions.


 Bonus section with techniques you can apply for life include

🌸 4 videos showing you how to discover YOUR subconscious beliefs and how to replace them with positive beliefs so you can have the life you want.

🌸 3 techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind

🌸 PDF print to use with each technique.

I am Ready to Start

So if you are thinking,

Lize, why have I not done this before?


Get 365 Chakra Affirmations today


And you will have tools to

✅ Raise your vibrations

✅ Get confident

✅ Have less stress

✅ Be happier

✅ Change your view of life

✅ Get the life you want

I’ll see you inside.

Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t know anything about chakras. I am not even sure I believe in them. Will the affirmations still work for me?

Could you say an affirmation like “I am worthy of love” or “I am enough as I am”? Then this program will definitely work for you. You don’t need to know or believe in chakras. Your chakras are energy centers for different areas of your life. Which means the affirmations are about different areas in your life. No matter what you believe in. You will be covered.


I am hardly coping with my day as it is. I am worried I won’t be able to make time for this.

There is a Zen proverb saying “if you don’t have time to meditate for an hour every day, you should meditate for two”. I want to say, if you don’t have time to do affirmations for 5 minutes a day, you should do the techniques in the bonuses too and set aside 30 minutes a day.

If you skip the bonuses and only learn how to use the affirmations, it will take maximum 15 minutes. Thereafter you will need about 5 minutes a day. How important is it to you to change your life?


I am already meditating and using crystals to balance my chakras. How is this different?

Meditation and crystals are awesome and I use them too. I will definitely encourage you to keep your current practice. They can be supplementary to doing affirmations. In this program you will use your affirmations to discover your limiting subconscious beliefs. The techniques used will also teach you how to let go of the negative beliefs and create new powerful ones.

I tried affirmations before and it didn’t work. Why will it work this time?

Affirmations often do not work because people have negative and limiting subconscious beliefs that are not in alignment with the affirmation. Your subconscious mind will always override your conscious mind and reduce or take away any affect the affirmations have. That is why in this program, you will learn a technique to reprogram your subconscious mind so it can accept the affirmation and create new beliefs.

I am Ready to Start

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