365 Chakra Affirmations

Daily Chakra Affirmations to Release Limiting Subconscious Beliefs

You probably heard you have negative or limiting subconscious beliefs.

Do you wonder why it matters?

It matters because your subconscious mind runs your life. All your habits and beliefs are programmed into your subconscious mind.

And the majority of those beliefs were formed within the first 7 years of your life.

Think about a habit you would love to break?

What do you tell yourself when you fail?

Do you scold yourself for not having enough willpower? 

Do you know what is overriding your willpower? Negative and limiting subconscious beliefs. 

95% of your life is run from the programs in your subconscious mind.

In fact, most people are not even aware of what their subconscious beliefs are.

All you know is that you want a better life, but it feels out of reach all the time.

Maybe you feel stuck with

  • achieving your goals
  • breaking bad habits
  • feeling low in confidence
  • confused about your purpose
  • having negative thoughts

and you don’t know why you feel like this. 

It is not you, it is your programming.



But there is hope

You can change your life when you change your subconscious beliefs



So, you might be wondering now, how exactly do you do that?

How do you release subconscious beliefs?

And where do you start?

I have the answer for you. 


365 Chakra Affirmations 


will show you how to

find negative and limiting subconscious beliefs,

release those beliefs,

and replace them with more powerful beliefs

because once you have powerful, supporting beliefs, you will be in charge of your life.

I'm Ready for Change

Why Affirmations?


Affirmations are a powerful tool to create change in your life. 

But many people miss out on using affirmations to their full potential.

Affirmations will show you when you have negative or limiting subconscious beliefs.

Have you ever said an affirmation and got that icky feeling of “this is not true”?

That icky feeling is your subconscious mind telling you that your beliefs are not in agreement with the affirmation.

So you have limiting beliefs connected to that affirmation.

This means, even though you repeat the affirmation daily, it never comes true,

Because your subconscious mind is always overriding your conscious mind.

But once you change your beliefs, you will become unstoppable. 

Why Chakras?


Even if you know nothing about chakras, you can use this program.

You have 7 major chakras and each of your chakras is related to different areas of your life.

So when you work through all 7 chakras, you work through all areas of your life.

It is an easy way to ensure you address all limiting beliefs.

Working with different affirmations for each chakra allows you to have introspection and find subconscious beliefs about each area of your life.

And you know what this means...

If you want it to, this program can be used for the rest of your life. There will always be a deeper level you can delve into. 



Are you ready to experience positive results 

And finally live the life you deserve?

If you answer YES PLEASE, let me introduce myself. 

Hey, I am Lize

I am a transformation life coach and love helping you find peace, power and confidence so you can start living your own true purpose.

I used to live on auto-pilot, without knowing it. I could never understand why I could not break bad habits. No matter how hard I tried.

When I qualified as a transformation coach, I began my own in-depth journey into understanding the subconscious mind and chakra system.

  • Only then did I learn the power of my subconscious mind. 
  • Only then did I realize how I can use affirmations to better my life. 
  • Once I started to release limiting subconscious beliefs, I got results.

365 Chakra Affirmations will teach you how to use affirmations to release the negative and limiting subconscious beliefs holding you back.

I am Ready to Start

Are you still thinking, why do I need a program? Let me show you why... 

#1 You Need Structure 


Having a plan is half the work done

Have you ever started a new exercising, meditation or eating plan on your own?

You start scrolling through all the videos on the internet to find what you are looking for.

Each morning, it takes you longer to find the right video than to take action.

You give up within a week or get little to zero result from your efforts.

Getting an affirmation in your inbox takes the guessing away. 

Every day, you know exactly what affirmation to work with to find subconscious beliefs. 

 #2 - Personal Bias


You might be your own worst enemy 

While scrolling for exercise videos, which one do you end up choosing?

The hard one that will push your boundaries but you stop because you resent the activity,

Or the easier one you think you will be able to cope with but keeps you in your comfort zone?

It is natural to choose either too hard or too easy.

When working through one chakra affirmation a day, you will get a mix of easy, hard and pushing your limits.

Get out of your comfort zone without going into resentment.


#3 - You Need Tools


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail 

What do you do when you get that icky, untrue feeling from the hard affirmations?

Push harder,

Avoid using it again

Or get a tool to help you explore what it means for you and change it into a positive feeling?

With 365 Chakra Affirmations you will get all the tools you need to 

Use affirmations successfully while releasing limiting subconscious beliefs 



What others say 

I am amazed how much less stressed I already am by doing the affirmations. I look forward to checking my mail every day.

- Izak

The daily affirmations are like a "pick me up" at random times of my day. This is such a wonderful experience.


If you are still reading I know you are totally committed to changing your life

You know you want to go deeper and heal all the negative blockages you have

I've got your back... 

You will learn how to use your daily affirmations to do inner work. You will discover the subconscious beliefs blocking you

And you will learn how to get rid of these beliefs while replacing them with beliefs that support you.

You will learn to how to find your inner guru and do your own inner-healing


So here is what you get


For only $197 you invest in a program that will change your life.

365 Chakra Affirmations include

  • A chakra affirmation in your inbox, every day for 365 days – that is more than 50 affirmations for each chakra
  • Learn how your negative subconscious beliefs are holding you back in life
  • 5 easy to watch videos where you learn how to use affirmations 
  • Workbook to discover YOUR subconscious beliefs
  • 3 different techniques to choose from to reprogram your subconscious mind
  • PDF print to use with each technique
I am Ready to Start

 If you are thinking,

Lize, why have I not done this before?


Get 365 Chakra Affirmations today


And you will have tools to


✅ Get confident

✅ Have less stress

✅ Be happier

✅ Get the life you want

I’ll see you inside.

I'm Ready to Start

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