Love Yourself and Get Confident

Let me help you get SO comfortable in your skin that you become unstoppable.

I know you have been telling yourself that there is nothing wrong with you, you are as good as anyone else, yet every time you need to show how confident you are you

 ❌ Can’t find your voice 

❌ Stumble over your words 

❌ Make yourself small 

❌ Too intimidated to make eye contact

You say to yourself. What the heck is wrong with me?

You have conversations in your head about what to say, who to be and how to react to everything you want in life.

 Yet when then the big opportunity comes, you have no words. They are stuck on your tongue and refuse to come out. Your face goes red and you are scanning the room for a hiding place. And just like that, you have lost all your confidence for the day.

This is not how you want to live your life!

Driving to work you are practicing your speech for that important meeting. You are ready to take on your boss about the promotion you know you deserve.  

Nobody at the grocery store even thinks of skipping the line in front of you. You ooze confidence.

Your kids look at you with pride. They can see themselves conquer the world with the confidence they learn from you.

You shine. You are happy. You know what you want and you get it.


You think… One day, you will have it all.

Regardless of everything you try though, you know you don’t feel confident but you cannot figure out what is holding you back.

You cannot help to think that maybe 




is not something you will ever achieve.
 Looking back you realize you have

✔️ Spent $$$ to change your looks, believing beauty will give you confidence

✔️ Bought all the self help books there are to teach you how to love yourself and have confidence

✔️ Been saying affirmations every morning, telling yourself how confident you are but feel like a fraud doing them

✔️ A self-care routine focusing only on your needs but feel guilty when you take time off for yourself


Can we agree that it is impossible to become confident when you don’t know what you don’t know? 
You are not alone! 

Let’s be real. 

Nobody becomes confident overnight.

It doesn’t work to read a book and suddenly you love yourself and have confidence.

If it did, you wouldn’t still be searching.

I know because I was where you are now.   

But I found my sweet spot and oh boy. What a sweet spot that is!

That sweet spot is when get up and know in your deepest inner being that you are good enough, that you can look in the mirror and see your own beauty through love. THAT my friend, is where your confidence comes from. 

And the bonus, you start seeing it in everyone around you. 

That is why I am here….  

To help you find that place of bliss. 

Version 2.0!

12 week 1:1 (virtual) coaching 

(1 hour session per week)

You will learn


😁 How to love yourself so you can be fully present for other people, instead of paying 50% attention to them, and 50% on what they might be thinking of you.

😁 How to see your own beauty, so you can have real self-love.

😁 How to find your confidence, so you can stop comparing yourself with others and have the power to believe in yourself.

😁 How to be you, so you can feel happier, confident and totally comfortable in your own skin.

😁 How to let go of emotions and beliefs that have been holding you back from being a confident you



What to expect


✔️ We get to know each other and find the root cause of why you feel the way you do about yourself.

✔️ You will gain knowledge and insight about your thoughts and learn new ways of speaking to yourself.

✔️ You will define that little inner voice that is preventing you from being the confident, powerful person you want to be. We change that voice to serve you and not hold you back.

✔️ I help you to let go of all the feelings of fear, shame, hurt and much much more.

✔️ You learn to love yourself unconditionally and get a brand new self image. One that YOU choose, not one that the world gave you.

✔️ You create a new vision and life for yourself.


$367 per month

3 monthly installments

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What others say

“Truly life changing! Lize tapped into aspects that I didn’t even realize I had to focus on. The program helped me believe in myself and restored my confidence and self-esteem.”
- Sunita

What others say

“I have made drastic improvements with regards to how I cope with everyday life and I now know how to manage my feelings. My life is getting better day by day. My confidence has increased, as well as how I view life and others. ”
- Collet

What others say

“At first, I didn't think the techniques would work on me but they did. I'm glad I could work with Lize because I am feeling much lighter and more confident .”
- Tumi

Frequently Asked Questions


I am SO busy. Will I have time to do this?

Let me ask you this - do you have time to waste on NOT feeling good about yourself? Putting things off till you have time is like giving up before you start. You have to decide that you want this badly enough and GO for it. 


I have tried everything. How do I know it will work this time?

If you tried everything, it tells me you have not gotten to the root cause of why you cannot love yourself as you are. You have been putting plasters on the surface and did not heal the wound. This program is designed to find the root cause of your unique way of thinking about yourself and build a NEW you from there. 


What if I need more support after the initial 12 weeks?

After 12 weeks you have the option to work with me on a deeper level in single sessions.


Will there be homework?

Yes, a little bit. Version2.0 is also a self discovery program. I will ask you to write down some of your thoughts in between the sessions. 


What if my question isn’t listed?

Contact me, I would love to have all your questions answered.


$367 per month

3 monthly installments

Get Started Today

Once off


Save $104

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