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Not having confidence affects your whole life. Without confidence you always feel like a failure. Or is it the failure that takes your confidence away?


Either way, it all boils down to how you feel about yourself, when you fail and when you succeed. When you have a deep inner knowing of your worth and have peace with it, this is when your confidence starts building. This is when you can face even failures with confidence because it is not the external things that give confidence. It comes from your inner being.

I get it. I have been hiding away all my life. I put all my self-worth on things outside of me. And in the process got hurt, destroyed and feeling even more worthless. I never liked myself enough to be my true self. And then I learned how to make an inner shift. Change what I think of myself on a deeper level than just saying it out loud. I changed it through my whole body.

This is what I want for you. A truly, radical transformation of yourself.


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12 Hour one on one online coaching changing subconscious beliefs for a confident new you

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Chakra reading and clearing energy blockages in your body to reconnect your body and mind


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Hey! I’m Lize,

I’m a Transformation life coach and love helping women to find peace, power and confidence so they can start living their own true purpose. 


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