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Hi, I’m Lize! I can’t wait to help you achieve a more confident and balanced life.

How did I get here?


I used to be that person with zero confidence.

I loathed what I looked like, was too shy to talk to people and could not even make eye contact with people I knew.

By the time I finished school, I hated myself so much that I decided to burn all my photos. I felt traumatized just looking at myself. Crawling into a deep hole and hiding away from the world was the only place I wanted to be.

Getting into the work space, I needed to get out of the hole and I went the other extreme — becoming a cold-hearted working machine with false confidence.

And then my husband fell ill and for 2 years we watched him slowly dying. When he passed I knew something had to change. Especially since I still didn’t do photos and had almost nothing of him and I together.

I made the change. I delved deep into understanding my chakra blockages, subconscious beliefs and traumas. And then the healing process started. 

Today, I am a Certified Transformation life and health coach, helping women overcome their feelings of not being good enough so they can get out of that hole into a confident, healthy, loving new being.

I learned the hard way that hiding from yourself is not a way to live.

If you have been crawling into a hole, not having confidence to face the world, then this is the place for you.

Through my 1:1 coaching sessions you will learn why you have these limiting beliefs about yourself and together we will release them and create a new you.

Version 2.0 Transformation program

12 Hour one on one online coaching changing subconscious beliefs for a confident new you

Chakra Clearing

Chakra reading and clearing energy blockages in your body to reconnect your body and mind


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What others say

“When I got to Lize I struggled with severe depression and body issues. I felt empowered after the first session, got my confidence back and seeing light again.”

— Dionne

What others say

“Lize has put me in contact with parts of me that I have forgotten. I have been feeling heavy, dull and unable to find what is bothering me. I feel so much lighter, optimistic and energized now.”

— Amanda

Why am I doing this?

Now that I know how good life can be when you know how to really love yourself and live with confidence, I want everyone to be able to feel this good.
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